Humble Beginings

Hi and welcome to my wargamming blog, first of all apoligees for any miss spelt words, i didn’t go to school i was brought up by wolves and bears and big monkeys, so heres my first post abit about myself i play down at Bristol Big Uns and noticed a few other guys from the club have blogs, so basically i got jealious and wanted one myself…..

Anyways i play mostly GW games, infact thats the only games i play i would love to get more involved with other things but working with elves, pixeys and spites really takes it out of me, TBH i read alot more than i play, model or paint. I’ve always been a fan of the background in the warhammer games and resently getting into 40k i’ve really been trying to brush up on all the fluff, but fanasy is still my favourate and i’m curently reading through the Gotrex and Felix novels….

So, i will get around to posting up some pictures and the likes maybe do some reviews too but that will have to wait for a while as i have to go and fight some trolls in the mountains, no honestly i do 😉 mean while you can check out my good friend Lurkus Spleen’s blog right here


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