Cryx take 2 in one night :D (Warmahordes battle report)

Well i was at my local on Sunday, no not the pub you low life degenerate alcoholic miscreant, my super cool awesome gaming club 😀

haha only joking, anyway I had two games of warmahordes so thought i would share my experiences here, it will also give me an ideal place to look back at my progress.

My two opponents used differant factions which i have since learnt the names of, the first was a Cygnar faction, we played a 25 point game and the second was a faction of hordes from the Circle of Orboros, we played a 15 point caster kill for this one. I was using my (dirty) Cryx…….

Well I got to club early after dropping some glue round to dude on bass’ so managed to open up club in the good old L Dub fashion, put out a table when all of a suden Chris from dice and Decks rocks up, “hello Rob” hey says “No I’m Rory” anyway turns out he is a proper sound bloke and we set about having a 25 pointer, some how I manage to win after some cowardly teleport evasion from afiximsome and a few lucky strikes on his caster with them other things in my list. Lucky for me Chris knew the rules so was able to advise me and once again I learnt a great deal from a real cool opponent……

Then Matt came over fresh from his victory at chicken wings at war and his excitement at beating dreads and lurkus and everyone else at that tornment at Cut and Thrust earlyer in the day, mad zeal showing in the fire of his eyes “I beat you” he said “Really !? Let’s battle” so we did, in the first bit I let him think he was going to win by cunningly alowing all my stuff up front to die then he moved in for the kill with this really fast anoying dog and his warcaster who tellyported right next to mine, anyways she punched him in the face several times which really hurt then this masive thing, beast, it was like a cross between a wolf and a house, it ran across the table and smashed into my helljack sending him flying into afiximsome leaving them both down and hurt, well that was it then, I was like this has gone too far now, it was my turn so I sent in my remaining scrap thrall’s who much to Matt and my amusement did more damage to my stuff than his when they blew up, I threw everything at them my war witch siren, canker worm well that was it causes everything else was dead or lying on the floor, everything else but one, some call him the greatest necromancer to ever live feared across the globe he was once in a fish and chip shop in Brighton and all the fish came back alive, yes afiximsome, he spent a point of focus to stand up grabbed that meddling wood girl bent her over and repeatedly pounded her into submission with a sustained attack.

That was the end of it I had won I had beat the mighty eragon causally out of hand and whilst reading a copy of the beano…..


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