Enter the Dragon

Ok so some of you may have been at the end of a severe ass woopin’ whilst trying to handle the Dragon Frogs Cryx, well what do you expect, but we’re not done yet no infact i’m just begining……

I’ve been reading, books Muhahahahaha ! Also I’ve spent all day studying the internet’s Cryxian resources and now i have a cuning plan

Yes I have given you all this warning as the next time you see the undead rise to meet you they will be prepared, rules that were previously unused or forgotten have come back to bare the fruits of undeath, to seek the souls of the living and bind them to the iron.

I’m not saying that the next time we meet it will be easyer to crush you’re useless flesh sacks but it will and it will be so much more… fun

Booh Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!

In my latest game of Warmachine I beat 2 enemy warcaster at the same time ! Wow i hear you cry, that is a supreme feat of awsomeness. So lowlife’s listen up and i will share some Cryxian tactics you could try and use in you’re own games.

When playing a 3 way caster kill :-

(i) First of all, offer to get the other two a drink or some sort of snack before the game starts, this will subliminally insert the message into both you’re opponents minds that you are their friend. Thus they will look to each other to inflict first blood.
(ii) Once step 1 is complete allow the game to comence, dont say too much at this point, rolling low to see who will go first will also help as you want to go last really.
(iii) In the first turn deploy you’re forces forward in a neutral defencive position, but do not engage the enemy at all costs. Defencive Spells are fine if cast on you’re own troops.
(iv) Comment on how awsomely distructive a model from the other casters force looks, but be tackful, timing is critical for this, idealy do this during you’re turn or soon after. Direct the coment to the player who’s turn wont start until after the player who goes after you. (for example, “Wow that Jack has a huge cannon ! is it the most powerful gun in you’re force ?”)
(v) Now just pray to the Dragon Lord that the other caster takes the bait and sit back and watch the two caster’s anilate each other in a mad onslaught of revenge killings, note this will only work if you are not within easy range for the first round of shooting atacks.
(vi) Move in for the kill !

Well that concludes my first dirty tricks tutorial, look forward to more (if anyone will play me after reading this lol), hope you like.


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