Return of the king

So I went away a boy and returned a man, in fact i’m back playing wargames at my beloved club, Bristol Big ‘Uns, so perhaps its the other way around. So some of you may be wondering what the Chaos Wastes are like, well take it from me its not everyones cup of tea, but it gave me plenty of time to read some books and think about all the models i wanted to get my hands on when i return, oh and do some painting too 😉

Books i read recently are the first two Gotrek and Felix Omnibus’, now having read a Vampire novel called Bloodborn between i thought it would be a good idea to read the second Vampire novel, Bloodforged, straight after the second G&F Omnibus, which worked out really well as the book picks up on the story of Ulrika the Vampire who is also a character in the G&F novels. All are great books and can’t wait to see if there will be more from Ulrika in the future as she proper kicks butt, she is one of them characters from a book you can almost fall in love with, i know its words in a book but she rocks, also looking forward to the third Gotrek and Felix Omnibus as the characters have really found there feet, Felix espesally, going from a posh snot nosed youth to a hard core veteran in the space of 6 books.
As for the 40k universe i’ve read more of the Horus Heresy books, for me Dan Abnet is the king of Si-fi but there are some awesome books in this series, whilst away i read Battle for the Abyss, Mechanicum and Tales of Heresy so brushing up on my 40k history, i’m trying to read them in order which i am really enjoying, loving the little references to other books which subtly ties them all together even when writen by differant authers.
Lastly i read 2 books by Henry Zou, Emperor’s Mercy and Flesh and Iron which i thoroughly enjoyed and recomend, absolutly brilliant 🙂 So thanks to my Mum for sending me all these wondiful books.

Well, as i said earlyer, i went back to my local club and there are a bunch of warmahorde players screaming and shouting about “your 4 minuites is up” and “stop crying and play like you got a pair !” I was shocked, no fantasy no 40k ? More importantly (for me) no BloodBowl ?? But what of this new game ? I’ve jumped straight on the band wagon, purchased a bunch of second hand Cryx mini’s and had 2 games with them, i got to say i’m loving it so far, 1 win and 1 loss (Mr LurkusSpleen), the rules are great, the models are, well some of them are abit Meh ! and the intrest its stiring up from some of the members at club is great, so if your about and want to pass by for a game of something or just have a chat and a cup of chi then we do it all, we do it with dice at Bristol Big Uns


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