Let The Dead Walk

So I’d lined up a 25 point game against Dreads on Sunday to play against his Protectorate of Menoth but when we realised Blue Square Man and his Skorne didn’t have a game we decided on a 15 point three way instead. Perfect, after last weeks thrashing of them 2 other dogs from club this was surely another point in the bag, oh how i was wrong….

It was my first “timed turns” game, i got to say this completely changes the game into a a mad adrenaline fueled rush to the finish line, if you’ve ever been chased by wild beasts (we call them pigs) and got away then you are on the right lines. After the second turn i knew i was never going to achieve everything i wanted to do, so with that in mind and not wanting to loose that feeling of escaping the law i decided to set my self tasks to complete before the buzzer sounded…

I proxyed a Skarlock Thrall for this game and found out 2 things i’d already been told about them, 1 they are cool cause they cast a free spell and 2 they are rubbish in close combat.
My faith in Bone Jacks has been rekindled, i used the nightwretch because its cheep and it has a shooty attack plus its an arc node, on turn two i cast a bunch of spells at Blue Square Man’s tightly bunched battle line through it and if i would have known the rules abit more fluently i could have got another spell or two off before my time ran out, well worth the points.
Seether Helljacks (another proxy) also loved how this performed, after a scrap thrall self-detonated and failed to hurt the Skorne mans Hellyphant ? (titan of some sort) the Seether charged into him gave him a left right combo followed by a free headbutt then i bought an extra boosted attack to finish the job off whilst Titan was on the floor, in the next two turns with the help from pGaspy and his sustained attack saw the end of Dreads’ Vanquisher heavy warjack, but that was all i could muster being stuck in the middle of two enemy warcasters. Shot down by a barrarge of missiles from the Menoth and Cut down from behind by the remaining Skorne our last action was in the middle of the field commending souls to the Dragon…



Heres two pictures of some of the models i’ve been painting (note this was after i’d been taken out of the game) just need to finish the bases…




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