If you go down to the woods tonight you’ll be in for….

So I’ve been working away from home for while and although i’ve had no time to paint anything i have had a little time to read a book, “Guardians of the Forest” by Graham McNeill, great book and great author, i’ve wanted to start a Wood Elves Army for a while now so thought i would try this book out and see if there was anything that catches the imagination. I couldn’t put it down, like a box of pringles, i had to finish it and once it was done i just wanted more. Brilliant story there are some really stong characters for a one off novel and by the end i really felt like i knew each one. It really is a total emersion into the Athel Loren, i was very pleased seen as there are hardly any other referance’s or books to read on the mostly forgotten Wood Elves.

So Today after eating some chocolate cake i was surfing the net and playing around on Army Builder when i remembered The Hound of Winter and i thought its about time to start sticking them Wood Elves together, to hell with all the other unfinished stuff i have, i want to play warhammer agian WAAAAAGH !!!


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