Lone Dogs prep for Title !

“Evening sports fans, we have some exciting news just coming in for any fans of the Mootland Lone Dogs. The identity of two players snapped at their training ground earlier this week of a rather large Tree Man and a not so small Dryad going through some drills on the pitch with the team have just been confirmed to be none other than Deeproot Strongbranch and Willow Rosebark. Frogboy, the owner/coach boss and self proclaimed Champion was unavailible for comment but a snotling who had managed to fall through the stands fell asleep and woke to see the whole training session was able to tell us that some of the Halflings even managed to survive till the final whistle.

We look forward to the beat up match with one of coach Lurkus Spleens teams this coming Sunday and just wanted to take this time to wish both teams all the best, they’ll need it.”


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