Flight of the Orkyries

Pinned down in some ruins looking across the hundred or so meaterz of open ground in front of the humies forward trenches Frogboy asked his superior “Ear Boss ! Why don’t we call in sum air suppork ?”

“Shut it ya dimwit, dem fly boys is all zooming, shootin’ an showin’ off ! Last thing we need is one of them turning up and stealing all the glory and besides I’m hoping some of you gitz got bullets wiv your name on it Haha ! come on, do ya want to live forever !? WAAAAAAAAGH !”

Extract from ‘The Rise of Frogboy Bigmek’ Volume 1

Built a Dakkajet today in preparation for my first game with Orks, can’t wait, got a few more things to build over the next couple of days so should be fun 😀


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