Purge the Alien

Frogboy was sitting on the edge of some old ruined hab stack flicking through the pages of one of them nasty humie pikture books. He had found it stuffed behind an old broken toilet whilst getting a drink out the bowl. Now his mouth was watering, dreaming of spit roasting all the naked female humies, their smooth skin and there soft rounded plump figures looked like they was meant for only one fing. A good old fashioned hog roast.

All of a sudden a large volume of incoming fire began tearing up some nearby deff kopters ripping Frogboys mind from his dreamy lunch and bringing the Ork Mek back into reality, looking over at some of the lootas in the mob he shouted.

“Looks like its Grot Pie again tonight Lads”

Much to the dismay of serval Gretchin running around his legs searching for cover. He then preceded to fire off a few uncontrolled bursts from his big Shoota in the general direction of the Chaos Beakies who had obviously just found their really sneaky hiding place.

Extract from ‘The Rise Of Frogboy Bigmek’ Volume 1

So tonight I had the privilege of playing a good mate of mine in my first game using Orks for 40k. We played the ‘Purge the Alien’ scenario and by the end most of my stuff was dead and pretty much everything I could have done wrong I did. After Mr Garlick stole the initiative and shot down some deff copters and brased up a whole bunch of greenskins it was my turn, so i drove forward and my unit of Nobs with Warboss jumped out the wagon only to fail a charge and get pinned down and shot to pieces. Same with the Burna Boys although they managed to BBQ a unit of cultists first. Lootas were the only unit to survive.

Deff Dread fought an epic close combat with his hell fiend (chaos dreadnought) and immobilised it but in the next round it killed the deff dread 😦

The best thing that happened all game was after his Deamon Prince took some wounds from shooting he charged my grots and they killed it, lol yes go go power Grots, only problem was they ran off after with my Big Mek cause although they killed the DP they was still scared 😦

Anyways here’s the list I used below (next time I’ll be bringing different stuff to try) and some photos attached of the carnage.

Warboss, PK, ‘eavy armour, combi-burna, cybok body, face bitter Squig. boss pole

Big Mek, SAG, ‘eavy armour, cybok body

9 Nobz, 2 PK, 2 Big Choppers, 2 combi-burnas, Waaagh Banner, ‘eavy armour, stick bombs (troops, Warboss goes here)

10 burna boys

6 lootas, mek with big shoota

14 grots

14 shoota boys, big shoota, Boss with ‘eavy armour boss pole and big choppa

dakka jet, 3 supa shootas, fighter ace

2 deff kopters, twin linked rokkets

2 deff kopters, twin linked rokkets

deff dread, big shoota, skorcha (troops)

2x looted wagons with a Skorcha and 2 big Shootas


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